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Making the Case

How to make a clear and compelling argument for your position | taught by vG&M Team

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Course description

In collaboration with the University of Melbourne Centre for Economic and Environmental Research (CEER)


You have a position. You have good arguments for it. Can you present the case in a clear, succinct and compelling manner?

The Making the Case training covers techniques for structuring and presenting complex reasoning. These techniques are applicable in almost any context; examples include publicly-released risk assessments, or internal business case presentations.

The training is based on argument mapping, the use of diagrams to display the structure of complex reasoning. Specifically, the training introduces the CASE (Contention, Argument, Evidence, Source) template and its extensions. Using CASE mapping, reasoning can be more effectively developed, strengthened, and communicated.

Training Workshops

The Making the Case training is typically delivered in the form of a one- or two-day intensive workshop.

Workshops are generally provided by arrangement with organisations. Please contact us to discuss a workshop for your organisation.

From time to time we also offer the workshop in an open-enrolment format. Check here for upcoming open-enrolment workshops.


The standard price for Making the Case training is $1195 (GST inc) per person per day, whether offered as open-enrolment or by arrangement.

Please contact us for pricing for large numbers of participants.

The Essentials Suite

Making the Case workshops are part of the Essentials Suite, offered by van Gelder & Monk in partnership with the Center for Environmental and Economic Research, University of Melbourne. For more information download the Essentials Suite brochure (PDF, 3MB).

The Essentials Suite

vG&M  Team
vG&M Team

van Gelder & Monk courses are developed and taught by our team collaborating in various combinations.

Dr. Tim van Gelder is a philosopher and cognitive scientist with expertise in reasoning and critical thinking. He is a founder of, and a Principal Consultant with, van Gelder & Monk; a Principal Fellow (Associate Professor) at the University of Melbourne; and Foreign Advisor, Critical and Creative Thinking Education, to the Ministry of Education, China. He has provided consulting and training services to many large organisations. He is known around the world for his work in critical thinking and the development of methods and tools for improving reasoning.

Dr. Richard de Rozario is an applied epistemologist specialising in risk. He is a principal Consultant with van Gelder & Monk. He has worked in areas such as risk analysis, business analysis and schedule optimisation, and taught hundreds of workshops in related areas. Richard studied computer information systems in the USA and holds a post-graduate diploma in Market Modelling from Swinburne University, as well as a PhD in Applied Ontology from the University of Melbourne.

Sujai Thomman is an Associate with van Gelder & Monk and our general manager of online learning. He holds degrees in economics, politics and Chinese, and is himself a voracious consumer of online learning in various formats.

Phone: +61 413 870 366 Email: st@vangeldermonk.com

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Interested in this course? Email us at learn@vangeldermonk.com